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Narrative Feature | Psychological Thriller | UK & Greece | In Pre-Production

A young widow travels back to a Greek island to spread her husband’s ashes; upon learning the true nature of what may have claimed his life, she is tempted by a dark choice that could bring him back.

THE EYE is a feature film set in 1980’s Corfu. It will be the first sustainable ‘green’ film every to be shot in Greece, in collaboration with award-winning consultancy GREENSHOOT. (The Crown, Sherlock Holmes). The Project is being developed with FALIRO HOUSE in Greece (The Lobster, Little Drummer Girl). In the summer of 2019 extensive location recces took place across Corfu with Director Daphne Schmon and key Heads of Departments appointed. The film was presented at Apulia Film Forum, Breaking Through The Lens at Cannes and the Production Finance Market at BFI London Film Festival. Shooting is scheduled for October/November 2020 in Corfu.