We tell stories to inspire, to captivate, and to entertain.

At Seek Films, we always strive to push the limits of filmmaking. Our work spans across the globe in film, documentaries, TV, promos, and events. We don’t define ourselves by a genre, but rather by the bold originality and the positive impact of the stories we tell.

Daphne Schmon

daphne schmon-headshotDaphne Schmon, Founder and Director

Daphne is an award-winning director, producer and editor. After graduating with honors from Wesleyan University in 2009, she founded Seek Films. Her feature directorial debut CHILDREN OF THE WIND won seven awards in the festival circuit, including “Best Documentary” and “Best Emerging Filmmaker” at X-Dance, the world’s premiere action sports film festival. The film was also nominated for the “CNN Best Documentary Award” at the American Black Film Festival. Since then, Daphne has led teams in 9 countries, directing documentaries, commercials, music videos, and narrative films. Most recently she completed her first live action film ALL OF ME made with an entirely all-female crew. Daphne is a BNUC-s qualified drone operator and owner of the DJI Inspire 1 Pro. When not filming, Daphne is an avid windsurfer and rock-climber.

Emily Carlton

Emily Carlton, Producer and Writer

Born and raised in London, Emily Carlton is a freelance Writer and Journalist. Graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in Social and Political sciences, she went on to work in business development training in Nigeria and short story writing in America, before returning to London to work at OutThere Magazine. After two valuable years learning the ins and outs of modern magazine publishing she’s left to push her written work in new, exciting directions, and take on new challenges, working with Seek Films. A life-long bookworm, she loves coffee, cabaret and anything involving fancy dress.

“Children of the Wind is unlike any other sports doc. It is a deeply moving and inspirational story about the human condition…an exhilarating journey about how man’s bond with nature produced extraordinary excellence.” – Rey Cuerdo, SVP Sony Pictures Entertainment

“Daphne immerses herself fully into the project, coming up with brilliant ideas along the way, and somehow is always able to remain calm, happy, friendly and professional in every situation. There’s nobody else we’d rather work with!” -Orange Grove Band

“Daphne took all of my ambitious and outrageous concepts and not only brought them to life, but she infused all of her passion and vision. With an amazing eye for detail and upbeat personality, each video shoot was an absolute joy to make. I can’t wait to work with her again!” – MEEQ, violinist and performer.